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♥ Saturday, February 16, 2008♥

ya im sick and tired of blogspot.
this might be my last post?
hope not.
im learning to blog in an japaness blog now.
do visit for my updated post.
please add a link for me too. :)
do not delete away this http://euphoric-moments.blogspot.com
i might come back for it.

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♥ Wednesday, February 13, 2008♥

tml is V day already.
and above is wad hubby got for me w/o my knowing.
hehe, tml i want a big present other than this.
anyway, today was a very bad luck.
sigh, don wish to say.
will try harder next time.
and im going to change something soon!!
ok. stop here i going watch tb.

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♥ Saturday, February 9, 2008♥

happy chinese new year.
went around to collect ANG BAO.
this is so cool.
hubby was sick today & i got to cancel my appt with joreen.
guess she is angry lah.
hubby went to see doc twice, running fever of 39.1.
this is no good!!
tml gonna buy breakfast for him.
i hope he can recover by tonight.
later going to study leh.
let pray that my test on 13 feb will be a successful one.
let's wait for miracle!!!

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♥ Thursday, February 7, 2008♥

wow, today was really a very sunny day.
last night around 1plus went chinatown to have a walk.
it was damn crowded.
but i don really like chinese new year lah.
haha, don knw why just don like it.
when i was a kid im very excited over it.
but then now got MONEY is the BEST.
hope this mickey year can give me good luck in work, health or wealth.
anything tat give me advantages will come to me!!!

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♥ Monday, February 4, 2008♥

HI everyone, im still awake at this hour.
guess tml will be dragging myself to wake up again.
this is the chinese new year week already.
dont really know where to go on CNY.
is like damn boring.
went to topone just now.
enjoyed myself lah.
cos tml going work.
im going to start over my new planning!!
hopefully by next year i can reach my goal.
ok i going slp soon alr if not cant wake up tml to work.

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♥ Sunday, February 3, 2008♥


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♥ Thursday, January 31, 2008♥

Congrats to hubby that he has passed all his subject!

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♥ Monday, January 28, 2008♥

And this is the only words that i can express for the day.
Dragging myself to work and even work OT.
Was really damn wore out already.
My head is in a mess now.

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♥ Saturday, January 26, 2008♥

Just came back home not long ago.
Went to Chinatown and bought a blouse for my mum,
She is extremely delighted with it.
My mind is in sleeping mode now and i still dont know why i'm not on bed at this time.
Got to work OT tml which is a very sad news for me.
And at night got to attend Katerina birthday party at St James.
Cannot take it anymore, my neck so uncomfortable.
While on my way back to home, i lied on hubby arm.
So comfortable, better than my pillow leh.
tml got to face all the stupid customers again.
With stupid Questions like can i get some ANG PAO from you etc.
OR rather someone who came in and ask me to help her fill up the STARHUB & M1 BILL payment slip! -.-"
This is so stupid can.
HENG, i'm only covering this rept for this week, if not i'm going crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alright, i'm going to stop here.
GOODNITE everyone.

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♥ Friday, January 25, 2008♥

Sigh, was too tired today.tml i got to work OT.Manager was so kind enough to let me earn another SGD20 for client signing up for insurance. Having a terrible headache now.

so sad n bored that tml gonna work til 4 instead 1230.


this is so pity me.

ok gtg. BB

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