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♥ Monday, October 29, 2007♥

today is monday blue.
i hope i can don't come work................ BUT
no money if i don't come work.
once again i have lost concentration on work.
I'm browsing around in the net.
nothing much to look.
i have stop taking order for my sprees so there's no purpose to go online.
is there anything else i can do beside making sprees?
no use making sprees just to earn few bucks la. so troublesome also.
each day by each day my work loads has increase rapidly.
4 more hrs to go then i can go home.
BUT! when my mind came across HUBBY & ME 2 YRS Anniversary i'm very happy lor!
actually, the thing that encourage me to move on is HUBBY.
he play a very BIG part in my life. :)
i'm looking forward to our anniversary. which is less than 10 days.
WEE! i'm we have not plan where to go.
anyone care to give me some comments?

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♥ Sunday, October 28, 2007♥

well, today is weekend.
and yes, im thinking to spend my weekend out in town.
but then thinking of wasting money to watch movie and singing made me .....
i really want to thank my dear dear for being there with me.
when i'm down, sad, fear n cries.
he is there with me accompanying me to walk out of my darkness.
and i promise myself to recover soon also.
dear dear really mean a lot to me.
he is just like my husband even thought we haven ROM or marry.
but we already make planning for our future.
we really been thru a lot a lot.
from the starting we used to quarrel almost every weeks, and facing all the problem tgt.
he really touched my heart even thought is i woo him from the start. *lols, im nt shy to say out this*
luckily in the 1st place, i made my 1st move to know him, thought at that moment he is so AH BENG! lols, but now he is totally changed.
from a ah beng to someone who is full of ambitious.
making planning for our future, telling me he wants to give me good life next time.
im really really touched deep in my heart.
here is something i want to tell him.

dear dear, i'm really contented to have you by my side.
whatever you said to me i did hear in.
but sometime is my mind playing around with me.
making me think of those negative stuffs.
telling me to be sad.
and worst of all, making me to cry.
i really really wanted to have good life with you in future.
but all i want is i need to walk out of my depression.
and back to my happy go luck life.
i know that's me. joking around and stuffs.
all i need is time to recover everything.
i really really looking forward that day when you proposal to me.
:) buying tiff & co wedding band.
ok dear, action speak louder than words.
so you shld knw wad's my heart thinking.

ppl out there, dont envy me alright.
i believe when you found your mr/mrs right you will feel this way too. :)

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♥ Thursday, October 25, 2007♥

YEAH, today i had enjoyed myself,
though i din go work, but then hubby keep me accompanied today.
we went shopping, have our breakfast at whitesand.
and we went to town to look for nice clothing.
yeah, i did enjoyed today.
but my mood of feeling down is alway there.
i really hope i can calm myself down and stop thinking on the negative side.
i read thru a book, its say, life there is definitely ups & downs.
Joys, fear, sad and happiness.
i will tell my mind to be strong and recover soon.
i want to go back to my previous life.
happy go luck.
i will now try to think of the positive side!
BE HAPPY, is the MOST important! :)

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♥ ♥


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♥ Tuesday, October 23, 2007♥

sigh, money is making everyone crazy.
life could be happier if i got alot of money, or rather there is no such thing call "MONEY"
humans being alway place money so importantly in their heart. everything they do, they think of money. Of cos i do LOVE money than anyone else.


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♥ Monday, October 22, 2007♥

im late for work today.
and i need to go back 15mins earlier to go down yishun.
well, all i can is. humans are not contented with what they have even though, they are living good.
come to the thought that, some countries are not so forunate like us.
but still, we thought that we are not blessed at all.
sigh, this is what i think to myself.
life shall be ups & downs right?
no one will feel forever happy.
there's bound to be sadness & unhappiness.

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♥ Saturday, October 20, 2007♥

life sux as usual.
with no outing.
and look at the time now.
and i need to think hard to go where later on.
im really bored.
doing nothing during the weekend.
and slack like .........
- . -"

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♥ Friday, October 19, 2007♥

i'm begining to feel unhappy again.
feeling so down and useless.
and alot unhappy emotions.
i want to be happy, but there's this thing that strike me down.
making me tired and lonely.
i really want myself to be happy.
but i don know why, i'm alway feeling so down.

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♥ Thursday, October 18, 2007♥

hahas, today was a busy day.
got hubby to help me to move my new wardrobe and bed.
:) move here n there...
hahas, finally i got my new bed & wardrobe.
went to ps in the afternoon to terminate my SCV and change my hp cover.
hahas, now my phone is at samsung care. i miss my U700!!
boring, tml gonna work!! BUT it's friday tml. hahas
ok i go do my stuffs now..

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♥ Monday, October 15, 2007♥

i decided to lock my blog for the time being.
there are things which i felt now is so different.
so i dont wish anyone to see.
time is moving.
earth is moving.
and same goes to human being will change too.

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♥ ♥

it's time for me to take some rest.
had been busy for the whole day with that tupid comparsion. -. -"
don really like to do that. but no choice tat is my jobscope lor.
very very very very tired now.
wonder later how i walk to taka and pass my timesheet lor.
sigh, so lazy. hubby 6pm den finish class.
hais.. 45mins to 6 already.. think of going home is so bored for me lor.
nothing much i can do. only stared at the television.
if i can turn back the time, i would want to go back when im young.
no worries at all.
so sians.

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♥ Sunday, October 14, 2007♥

never tot that. slp is so important than anything.

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♥ Wednesday, October 10, 2007♥

wowowowow!! sigh, i have just finished one stack of filing.
im tired. sigh!!
feel lik slping and im late for work today.
as usual, nothing special happen leh. so bored.
im really utterly tired.
i wish i can find another job soon.
cos my work load is getting stress.
can anyone help me to type all these tupid comparison anot!!
someone replace me leh.
sick of it. but pay is good. this is borthering why im still stick with this job.
: / ok la, i go rest awhile.. bb

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♥ Monday, October 8, 2007♥

im tired!! BUT 1st congrat to peiying found a better job than me. :(

her working hour soooo goodddd!! 9-6. where i need to work 8.30-6pm.


im very stress this few days, been going to clinic consult doc about my stress.

PLUS, i began to found that my work load is getting more & more.

i think i'm going to request to change job already. dont wana stay @ starhub liao.

STRESS!!! And the job scope im getting tired of it. Though is not strict over here and the pay is good, but then the job scope will really freak you out when you done all this for so long. no wonder this position there isn't any perm staff going on it. sigh. i will leave when i get my pay and clear my bills, i got tons of bills to clear again. i only hope i can enjoy life and stop thinking so much. i hate think so much. i hate the feeling in the night. i hate the routine im going through everyday. it's the same. sigh.

my laopo told me i got a very good bf and i shouldn't think that life suck with him.

but you know, when ppl emotional are down, they just down even if there's anything happy you wont be happy too. But ppl called this life. Up & down. Maybe in the past i have enjoyed myself and now is time to suffer and go thru all this nonsense. BUT I HOPE I CAN FIND A BETTER JOB! I dont wanna think and tell everyone im down. COS I WANT TO BE HAPPY!

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♥ Sunday, October 7, 2007♥

:) yesterday was my 1 year & 11 months with my hubby.
we din celebrate anyway as we are going to celebrate on our 2 years.
we haven think of going anywhere yet. but i'm sure i want to enjoy myself on that day.
Never thought that hubby & i have been together almost 2 years. :)
OH YA!! Ah guat is bringing me to see SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i wish i can see WU ZUN next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sigh. but i think that wont happen, but maybe there's miracle.
i'm tired but i dont feel like slping, my brother din went out tonight so i wanted to spend more time using com. if not when he is out, i don want to sit outside living room alone. :(
HUBBYYYY,, going to bath now. Then i have to wake him up tml @ 8am. SO EARLYYYY!!!
yupss, i got my new clothing from yiyumi!! AH GUAT BUY FOR ME DE!!!!!
hehes, thank ah guat!! GIVE ME BACK MY SHOES!! we wore the wrong shoes cause she copycat, bought the same shoes as me.. - .- "
Ok, i going to take some rest..


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♥ Saturday, October 6, 2007♥

Many days has passed.
Sometime i feels sad, sometime i feels happy.
Worst sometime i feels headaches!
I dont know what i want to do.
I just want to be happy.
I must be brave & strong.
I will be a HAPPY GAL!

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♥ Tuesday, October 2, 2007♥

Finally i found my goal in life.
To be happy, is my goal.

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♥ Monday, October 1, 2007♥


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