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♥ Saturday, March 31, 2007♥

hais, sian came back from TOWN.
BORED of life.
Nothing can let me do.
Go out also sians.
At home also sians.
STUPID life.

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♥ Friday, March 30, 2007♥

yeah, friday and it's so boring lor!! never go interview!
i was so MAD about it! zzZ! dont want say liao!
hais!! hope later at night i'm going out okay?

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♥ Thursday, March 29, 2007♥

Finally, i have moved my column to the right side! hee.. Cos i wanna to have the same layout as 小鬼! found his blog ytd! and i have paste it in my link. pretty sad that all the photos have locked cant copy at all! =( sad... ya very sian!! today was a raining day. hmmm, tml is fridae again! BORING again le lor! haiss!!

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♥ Monday, March 26, 2007♥

im so angry doing a blog for the blogshop you know?!!
i just feel like forget everything.
im angry now.
but then i have to do, cos alot of things in taiwan i really like it.
tupid blog and all the HTML codes!

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♥ ♥

yeah! everyone MORNING! my HUBBY msg me early in the morning. LOL. 7am!!!!!!!!!!!!!! saying that he cant slp cos he was very hungry. so i woke up online chat with him now. my hubby LOVES to eat alot de. hees.. well, there really nothing much i can do online. so boring.. my hubby is waiting for me to go AMK and have BREAKFAST with him. LOL. okok, stop here go play game with him liao. hahas...

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♥ Sunday, March 25, 2007♥

YEAH!! SUNDAE! hope there is new from my agent tml which is monday! ytd went to COMPASS POINT with my hubby to pass my uniform to yayan. hmm after that whent shopping. nothing much to see and i never buy anything. hahas.. NOW is 2.15am. still online to search some taiwan webs. LOL.. talking on fone with hubby n MSN also.. hee.. stop here

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♥ Friday, March 23, 2007♥

hmm , i just used my whole afternoon finished watch 转角遇到爱. it was so touching that i cried so many times. hahas..












this is my FAVE phrase in the show. Very meaning full!! i like it!
today i went for interview. i guess is another disappointed again. hais.. everytime is like this. no choice. hais. RECRUIT EXPRESS intro me a job again. hais.. the pay is damn low. cant possible to solve my problem with that kind of pay. anyway, when a person is bad luck, it will remain with you for a very long time. alway watch show, there's alway miracle in the show BUT i guess in reality there's is no MIRACLE. even if there is, it will be just a FAKE DREAM.

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♥ Thursday, March 22, 2007♥

yeah!!! finally i done my skin le... took a very long afternoon to do that. from afternoon till now!! hahas.. anyway, finally the interview that i'm waiting CALLED me!! YEAHH!!! tml i can go interview liao. hahas.. wish myself good luck.. i go rest le~~

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♥ Wednesday, March 21, 2007♥

OMG!! i wanted to login my blogshop don knw why i login here.. anyway, since i login le so i blog lor. hahas.. yaya , today went another round of interview. GUESS WAD?!! i interviewed this agent to arrange ABM AMRO bank which ah guat was working in. HOHO!!! finally i got to have a interview for bank job~!!!! hahas.. aiya but everytime i go any interview seem like also FAILED! so boring lor.. wish myself good luck ah!!! hais.. POOR ME!!

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♥ Tuesday, March 20, 2007♥

hee, once again this is my hubby & me
super boring now.. just do some edit to my blogshop. TIRED! tml going to interview!! i like everyday go interview but then end up no JOB!! ANGRY~!!
WEEEE~!!! wait for my blogshop up bahh NICOLE~!!! LOL

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♥ Monday, March 19, 2007♥


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♥ Sunday, March 18, 2007♥

HAHA!! My hubby is sleeping now wor!! hees.. sleep like a pig! YEAH can't blame him cos he accompanied me the whole nyte till morning.. hee.. last nyte we went singing from 11PM to 6AM.. LOL... we sang at CINELEISURE kbox with ah guat, tiff (ah guat's fren) hubby & me!!

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ya! this is ah guat & me!! my tupid sister! LOL~!
hahas!! LOL!! she is so ugly .. hees kidding~! but den she's a good sister! LOL!!
we really sang until very boring.. and when is 4AM, we got to change room cos the lvl 8 kbox said there's no room to sing until 6AM den tiff complained so they moved us to lvl 4 and when 4AM they called us to go up.. hahas.. tupid KBOX ppl!! singing is really boring sometime, but when u really feel like singing it's a ENJOYABLE thing! hahas.. after that singing , me & my hubby went EAST COAST to have our BREAKFAST! after that we went walkwalk!

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this is the first time i saw sun rise! LOL

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
omg! SEE in SINGAPORE so dirty!

after awhile we went home lorr.. hahas..

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♥ Wednesday, March 14, 2007♥

YES! i'm like nicole addicted to online shop also. hahas.. so happy but den need save money also.. poor me wor!! hahas!! todae went MDIS with hubby he want to study the IT course! so good, i also wan to study lorr! hais.. sad.. tml meeting SK & KAREN! hahas. so long nv go out with them le. hee... but den no where to go wor. hahas!! sian lorr!!

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♥ Tuesday, March 13, 2007♥

hmm, just finished my dinner. so boring lorr. nothing to do de. i wan fast fast get a PERM job! EARN $$$$$$$$!!! hahas.. going interview for TELECOM!!
the KODAK de suddenly dont wan ppl le. guess must be the RECRUIT AGENT charge them too EXPENSIVE.. LOL.. todae whole day stay at home. watch my FAVE show!! heess!! BOREDD!!!!! HELP ME PLS! LOL!! i wan go see KTV on FRIDAE nyte till MORNING!! who wan go?!!~~

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♥ Monday, March 12, 2007♥

hi!! im back to blog. been so tired all these days. doing nothing.. hubby came my house today. played with BABY again. BABY is SICK! OMG!! he is damn cute. hope he get well soon. and hope tml i'll have good new from the agent!!! BORED. watching CORNER WITH LOVE now. so nice. hahas. enjoy this show alot alot!! you guys should also watch it! hees.. okay, stop here..

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♥ Thursday, March 8, 2007♥

ohhh~ it's thursday! and i never work. ^^ hahas.. din blog yesterday as i'm busy. yea, i'm currently finding a telesale job. hahas.. just came back from Far East after visiting joey. LOLS.. yesterday my hubby came my house to play with my nephew..
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hahas.. does it look like our son? LOLS! so cute am i right?
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
my mother love him alot too! =)
hahas, we were slacking at my house for the whole day.. LOLS! the baby loves us so much that he don wan to slpp. hahas... at night me and my hubby went for hair cut. TOGETHER AGAIN!! whenever he cut his hair i'll cut too =) after that went to coffee shop have our dinner. guess wad i saw?
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
this is so funny. a white chicken running about. hahas..
next i'll shall let you guys see a beautiful scenario at the top of SWISSOTEL.
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
NICE? went to THE AISA BAR! few weeks ago i guess. LIKE IT VERY MUCH. romantic too!

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♥ Tuesday, March 6, 2007♥

hahas.. having my dinner now. came back from town not long ago. LOLS!
went to chinatown also. bought my hand-made charm necklace materials. well, pretty like it. ONLY the pedant is too small for me. kind of sad. once it's done shall post the image and let you see. saw vanesses at chinatown too. =) hahas.. OH YA, i meet up yuying today. lol to accompany me. after that we went to PS. ate john long and went shopping. she bought a pieces of shirt. ermm, forget how it's look likes. hahas.. i went home early cos she meeting her friend. today met yuying's twin sister. OMG! they are so different. it's like .... hahas.. whenever i think of her sister i will laugh. just like when im in the bus headed to my BF house in the bus i smile to myself cos of her sister. LOLS! cannot TAHAN. really cant believe it!!!!!!!! O.O hees.. oops.. sorry nicole, din meet you up cos i'm lazy and my pocket is DRY! hate this kind of feeling when my pocket is DRY. i will meet you up when my pocket is abit better alright? hahas

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♥ Monday, March 5, 2007♥

hmm, this is TANK new album. nice!! new album called "延长比赛 keep fighting". you guys can try to go find and listen to it. a very talented guy. hahas. just finished watched 娱乐百分百 very good show. hahas. today is my off day. so happy, all the way to thursday. nice! LOL. nothing much happen today. oh ya, i changed my blog add! hee..

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♥ Sunday, March 4, 2007♥

oh lastest new! this is 罗志祥 autograph session in shanghai.. so many ppl. 0.0
so hardworking guy!!! hee

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♥ ♥

hmm, see SHOW went facial. haha, this prove that it's normal for guy to go facial. he is so cute. OMG!! like him alot. haha. i'm so happy that i solve the problem with my blog. if not i think i also cant blog le. =D hahass... [we are the world]

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♥ ♥

OMG! now i can only use MOZILLA FIREFOX to blog. cause when i use internet explorer i cant post anything. sians.. anyway, i finally solve my problem! today i didn't go for work cause i'm really really tired and my shoulder was aching..i have become old lady already. wahaha.. oh, today i met a very funny thing. i was going to take a cab to my boyfriend house and then when i walked to my house downstair a lady suddenly walked very fast in front of me. GUESS WAD SHE WANT TO DO? SHE WANTED TO Q IN FRONT OF ME TO GET A CAB. -.- THIS IS SO LAME. luckily, i got the cab first. i was waiting in the rain, after that i headed over where she standing at the bus stop.
i'm standing behind her when i was at the bus stop then she wanted to wave for the taxi. i was very angry i walked up in front of her and finally i got the CAB! hate people with this kind of attutide.. so LAME! i have a long off days! gonna rest my myself.. =)

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