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♥ Wednesday, January 16, 2008♥

it was a very tiring day.
meeting was held after work.
waited very long for the manager to start the meet.
hate it.
i really dont lik to stay back after work.
been thinking of going gym or running with yulin.
SLIM DOWN PLAN is up again for both of us.
im really afraid becoming more n more fat lor.
luckily, i've got a friend who wants to join me.
if not im so bored leh.
so fast, almost going to Feb 2008 already.
and CNY is coming again.
thinking whr to go on that day.
must be boring lor. many shops must have close.
i think only can go MUSTAFA.
tml still need wake up go work leh.
so tring.
this few days almost cant wake up.

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