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♥ Saturday, December 15, 2007♥

my leg is so pain today. :(
went work in the morning and ended pretty fast!
cos bank close at 1130. lol
customer keep coming in like no one business.
but i faster locked the door.
ok la, rountine at work is alway the same.
haha, went hereen with katrina to accompanied her to change her sexy dress.
met yulin at 2pm.
after that went shop around.
bought 1 short, 1 blouse & dresses.
haha. CHEAP!
tml going to shop for heel!!
lol. need a pair of heel for work.
no choice.
we were so happy, when we met each other our bag was small and flat.
go home our bag was so heavy n big.
really long time never had this kind of shopping feeling cos long time nv really go out n shop alr.
tired liao..
shall go n watch some tb.
see ya friend!
i walked till my leg pain.

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