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♥ Tuesday, December 4, 2007♥

Finally im going to says goodbye to this lagging & freaking com from starhub.
today will mark the life in Starhub.
Serene gave me my farewell present too.
and i almost forget that it's my last day today.
luckily went the last lunch with her today.
too bad, din take any photo with her.
she is a very sad person that i met in starhub.
anyway, im going to start my new life on 10 Dec.
i'm feeling excited about it.
and a little bit anxious.
serene told me that my new job got a very good prospect & the offer is good.
im really happy i can finally settle down with a permanently job.
working in starhub has learnt alot of things.
and all the politics.
and made me realised that nothing can beat the loneness when you no $!
i will miss the times in starhub.
but i don wish to remember the damn com!
good luck to jovine!!

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