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♥ Friday, November 9, 2007♥

it's weekend again.
There are somethings i wish to do over the weekend with my hubby.

1) Have Cartel breakfast with hubby.
2) repair my phone. :(
3) going to vivo city.
4) GO shopping!!!
5) K session!!
6) eat iciban sushi :)
Above is what i wish to do during the weekends.
For the sake of saving money, i guess i cant eat my sushi.
i got to save money now~~
i'm really really very anxious to have my own life & stay together with hubby.
hopefully hubby got his liscense. HAHA!!
last night i cant slp.
cos i'm thinking of hubby.
all his tupid actions and the cute cute face.
i dont knw why too.
just missing him even though we spent all the time tgt.
previous night hubby went esplanade with me.
so many ppl over there.
O.O saw ppl fishing over there.
so shock leh.
maybe they want to fish some creatures that looks alike merlion????

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