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♥ Friday, November 16, 2007♥

it's friday again.
going interview later for a bank position.
worst, recruit express all evil.
ask my agent abt the the notice period he don wan to tell me.
don ever go to recruit express!
but anyway, im sure i can find a good excuse.
i will ask around.
nothing is going to stop me!
sians, weekend is soooooo bored.
tml hubby going for wedding dinner.
i'll be alone. :(
i guess i will go shop alone.
christmas coming worst still.
no programme plan somemore.
and duno wad to do on that day~!
im eating snake again.
today time is fast.
jus nw went break with serene 2 hrs!
haha. nw the time is going to 5pm.
abit hungry already.
cos jus nw serene treat me MUM MUM!
i hope this weekend will be enjoyable one.
SIANS !!!!
i want a NEW BAG!!!

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