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♥ Friday, November 2, 2007♥

Once again it's friday.
i'm at work now.
My brain is feeling so tired now.
Don't feel like doing anything but sleep.
And my head is also a bit pain.
i wish i can go home and sleep now.
Tommorrow i will be meeting yulin for our slimming session.
And after that going to chinatown to shop for perfume.
I'm going to find nice accessories at there.
My brain is really tired now, and just craving for chocolate to boost my brain to work.
4 hours to i end work.
Today that bitch never come today.
- .-" she wanna to lecture me, but she din reflect herself before saying me.
This is ridiculous.
Dont really wish to say what happened yesterday.
But i knew friends is hard to find those nice one.
My brain is sleeping now. I think i better go get some chocolates to save me.
BYE` i go down buy chocolates liao.
:( i wonder how i'm going to slim down.

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