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♥ Monday, November 12, 2007♥

sigh, it's Monday again.
my blog have been so quiet cause i blocked my blog. :(
1 more hour to go.
seriously, i really hate this computer i'm using now.
giving me so much troubles.
but i love working in Starhub. :(
i'm leaving Starhub in about 1 more month time.
been searching for bankng positions but still no news of it.
hopefully i can find a job before i leave here.
just now went lunch with Serene.
i guess that bitch should rougly know i have told Serene everything.
i really hate her to the extreme.
recently lost concentrations on work.
head pain when i use this computer too long.
guess might because of my eyesight.
ever since i started working here and used this stupid computer,
my eyesight become more poor.
last night i just went to check up my eyes.
i have increased!
luckily hubby help me paid for the lenses.
if not my eye will be suffering.
im tired and headache now.
counting down to 6pm!!!

Dote me ; Love me