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♥ Sunday, October 7, 2007♥

:) yesterday was my 1 year & 11 months with my hubby.
we din celebrate anyway as we are going to celebrate on our 2 years.
we haven think of going anywhere yet. but i'm sure i want to enjoy myself on that day.
Never thought that hubby & i have been together almost 2 years. :)
OH YA!! Ah guat is bringing me to see SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i wish i can see WU ZUN next year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sigh. but i think that wont happen, but maybe there's miracle.
i'm tired but i dont feel like slping, my brother din went out tonight so i wanted to spend more time using com. if not when he is out, i don want to sit outside living room alone. :(
HUBBYYYY,, going to bath now. Then i have to wake him up tml @ 8am. SO EARLYYYY!!!
yupss, i got my new clothing from yiyumi!! AH GUAT BUY FOR ME DE!!!!!
hehes, thank ah guat!! GIVE ME BACK MY SHOES!! we wore the wrong shoes cause she copycat, bought the same shoes as me.. - .- "
Ok, i going to take some rest..


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