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♥ Sunday, October 28, 2007♥

well, today is weekend.
and yes, im thinking to spend my weekend out in town.
but then thinking of wasting money to watch movie and singing made me .....
i really want to thank my dear dear for being there with me.
when i'm down, sad, fear n cries.
he is there with me accompanying me to walk out of my darkness.
and i promise myself to recover soon also.
dear dear really mean a lot to me.
he is just like my husband even thought we haven ROM or marry.
but we already make planning for our future.
we really been thru a lot a lot.
from the starting we used to quarrel almost every weeks, and facing all the problem tgt.
he really touched my heart even thought is i woo him from the start. *lols, im nt shy to say out this*
luckily in the 1st place, i made my 1st move to know him, thought at that moment he is so AH BENG! lols, but now he is totally changed.
from a ah beng to someone who is full of ambitious.
making planning for our future, telling me he wants to give me good life next time.
im really really touched deep in my heart.
here is something i want to tell him.

dear dear, i'm really contented to have you by my side.
whatever you said to me i did hear in.
but sometime is my mind playing around with me.
making me think of those negative stuffs.
telling me to be sad.
and worst of all, making me to cry.
i really really wanted to have good life with you in future.
but all i want is i need to walk out of my depression.
and back to my happy go luck life.
i know that's me. joking around and stuffs.
all i need is time to recover everything.
i really really looking forward that day when you proposal to me.
:) buying tiff & co wedding band.
ok dear, action speak louder than words.
so you shld knw wad's my heart thinking.

ppl out there, dont envy me alright.
i believe when you found your mr/mrs right you will feel this way too. :)

Dote me ; Love me