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♥ Monday, October 29, 2007♥

today is monday blue.
i hope i can don't come work................ BUT
no money if i don't come work.
once again i have lost concentration on work.
I'm browsing around in the net.
nothing much to look.
i have stop taking order for my sprees so there's no purpose to go online.
is there anything else i can do beside making sprees?
no use making sprees just to earn few bucks la. so troublesome also.
each day by each day my work loads has increase rapidly.
4 more hrs to go then i can go home.
BUT! when my mind came across HUBBY & ME 2 YRS Anniversary i'm very happy lor!
actually, the thing that encourage me to move on is HUBBY.
he play a very BIG part in my life. :)
i'm looking forward to our anniversary. which is less than 10 days.
WEE! i'm we have not plan where to go.
anyone care to give me some comments?

Dote me ; Love me