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♥ Monday, October 8, 2007♥

im tired!! BUT 1st congrat to peiying found a better job than me. :(

her working hour soooo goodddd!! 9-6. where i need to work 8.30-6pm.


im very stress this few days, been going to clinic consult doc about my stress.

PLUS, i began to found that my work load is getting more & more.

i think i'm going to request to change job already. dont wana stay @ starhub liao.

STRESS!!! And the job scope im getting tired of it. Though is not strict over here and the pay is good, but then the job scope will really freak you out when you done all this for so long. no wonder this position there isn't any perm staff going on it. sigh. i will leave when i get my pay and clear my bills, i got tons of bills to clear again. i only hope i can enjoy life and stop thinking so much. i hate think so much. i hate the feeling in the night. i hate the routine im going through everyday. it's the same. sigh.

my laopo told me i got a very good bf and i shouldn't think that life suck with him.

but you know, when ppl emotional are down, they just down even if there's anything happy you wont be happy too. But ppl called this life. Up & down. Maybe in the past i have enjoyed myself and now is time to suffer and go thru all this nonsense. BUT I HOPE I CAN FIND A BETTER JOB! I dont wanna think and tell everyone im down. COS I WANT TO BE HAPPY!

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