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♥ Friday, September 21, 2007♥

HI all! i'm back from lunch.
im so full. had prima taste for lunch.
went around to hunt for eyeliner.
i still cant find one.
im going to ettusais to find one.
ok, ytd i went to class, saw tat bitch, she was alone. HAHAHAHAHA
my new group mates doesn't like her also. LOL!
they said she is ugly! HAHAS!
i was happy cos my new grp mates they were caring. ^^
i got new assignment to do man.
i'm stuck! hais. this assignment carry 20marks for exam. =/
looks like im going to do research over the weekend!
i'm so stuck@@@@@@@@@@ ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!
hahas, i love my U700!
i love my HUBBY!!
& i LOVE MONEY~!!!

Dote me ; Love me