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♥ Sunday, September 16, 2007♥

hehes, hubby really bought the phone for me!
i'm freaking happy.. tml or tue den can get my phone.
just nw went around amk to ask the price, those selling HP de ah beng so rude de.
even if it's cheaper i den dun wan to buy from them lor. i give u money, your attitude sux. -.-"
hahas, anyway found the shop which i bought my N73 1 yr ago, that gal was friendly and the price was reasonable. ^^ i hope i can collect my precious tml. hehes, if not tue i need to go school already. starting my new term next week. YEAHS!! i can join new group as my class has spilted into 2! that's a good new for me!!! the best is that miko got no friend. she need to pay what she did to me. AHAHS! well, im a good person i don need go round and bull abt her.. i just wait and see what will happen to her. ^^ heaven might be helping me, i guess so? haahs!! anyway, i don care la.. i just wanna fast get my cerf! sigh~!! tml need to go work liao.. so boring loh, i wan to be a 太太~~! hahas! rest at home and slp and eat! can i be MRSGOH太太 ??? hahas!! must ask MRGOH liao loh~~!!!

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