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♥ Friday, August 3, 2007♥

LOL everyone look! This is my new Ez-link card. Due to the orginal picture was too ugly for me. I still prefer cartoon on my EZ-link. Sigh, no choice i dropped my previous one which is something like art picture into the toilet bowl. Kind of sad right now. HAIS, no one actually believe that toilet bowl can stuck away a CARD. ZZZ. Guess starhub company toilet is good quality ones. -.-" Anyway, i just got home not long ago.
Went to ceni meet up with joey and yuying, but i only went dinner with yuying as joey went to meet her friend. UHH, had a very nice dinner tonight at ceni B1 called BBQ chicken a korean resturant. Eat untill i very full lor. DAMN nice! HAHAS! It's worth trying and it only cost SGD8.50 with drink if i'm not wrong. HAHAS. Talked with yuying until i got no voice. Laughed alot and talked about many things. So funny, nice talking with her man. HAHAS, hope that day we plan for k-box faster come. HAHAS! MISS outing with her. LOL!! And also not forgetting joey!! ^^ . Feeling boring now. HUBBY go eat supper never bring me go. -.-" SAD. ARgh, never mind lah. He is just so sweet enough that he bought his laptop adaptor out.. Guess he know i going to lend laptop from him tonight! HAHAS, i'm going to buy laptop SOOONNN!! (: Ok la, i better stop here. Going to do something about my blogshop skin which i found the current skin is CHILDISH man. ZZZ. Ok guys who pass by my blog pls visit : www.shoppingsprees-taiwan.blogspot.com alright? Thanks. Goodnyte

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