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♥ Friday, August 3, 2007♥

Hais, life is boring. beside working there's nothing much to do.
tomorrow gonna meet up with yulin. was thinking not to go slimming tomorrow cause im tired.
feels like sleeping the whole morning then go out lor. everyday nothing good happen to me.
same things and all is bad things. not one day of luck for me. everyday there are problems for me, hais. sians. had my lunch at joey shop. chicken cutlet? ya i have that for my lunch. meeting her later to no where HAHAS. cos singapore is really too small. singaporean likes to go shopping but there's really limited places for us to shop. what a disappointment. head pain now. hais.
boring life i have now. and also from next week onward must go school le. exam on 6th sep.
hais econ is difficult lor. GOOD LUCK to me la. but this GOOD LUCK doesn't seem to be on my side. BYEBYE

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