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♥ Wednesday, August 1, 2007♥

HAIS, everyday seem to be a "LUCKY" day for me.
Alway something to "SURPRISE" me.
yesterday was my hand almost stuck in the car door. HENG i reacted FAST if not i guess i wont be here working already. Today was the most interesting one. Going to the toilet is a need for everyone but now i hate TOILET BOWL. Especially those that is auto flush. GUESS WAD happened today? My ez-link card dropped inside. -.-" I just topped up yesteday can!!! HAIS, now i got no MRT card to go home. And just now while i was eating, accidentally bite my ulcer.
And bleeded. -.-" waste my burger. Cause i smell blood in my mouht so i threw away the burger.
Hais, i'm really damn bad luck. Hope tomorrow will be a better day for me.

Well, just now i went to read xiaxue blog. Guess wad i saw?
Stevenlim in xiaxue blog? HAHAS. Don't be shock. Definitely he's not there for something proud. All of us should know why. YUCKS, i felt disgusting posting this name on my blog. STOP here.
Anything just go xiaxue blog to see what happen or his website.

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