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♥ Sunday, July 1, 2007♥

WAHAHAHA! early morning leh! but im going out soon.
(: had a very enjoyed weekend. firstly, yeah went slimming with my yulin finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
today session very relaxing but i dont really like steam bath. LOL! hahas!!!!! next week going again. after that yulin and i went to MARINA SQUARE to shop around at MANGO & ZARA! WOO!! so many people!!! ZZZ!!! shopped a while only with yulin cause she's feeling boring. then i hurried my hubby to meet me and we headed to VIVO city (: to collect my watch and hubby even bought a NEW watch for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! we had our dinner at a cafe, ehhh i was a bit regretted as i wanted to eat swedsen but then ended eating something else cause we cant find the shop. who knows it is just one shop away from the cafe we dinned in. -.-"
HEHES!!! had our dinner already and we went for a walk, we was thinking to sit by the sea there to relax, BUT i couldn't stop thinking to take a cable car ride!!!!!! And finally hubby and i went to took CABLE CAR together!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HEHES!!! The trip was not really expensive lor, worth it. But i still prefer the cable car at genting want. Over there, it was more exciting, longest trip, nice scenery and the compared to the cable car there it's travel more fast than the one in SG! -.-" HAHAS! anyway, i had fulfilled my dream to take the cable car in SINGAPORE with my hubby (: HEHE!!! okok, now hubby going to bring me go east coast park liao den have breakfast together!!! ENJOY ENJOY ~~~~

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