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♥ Wednesday, July 11, 2007♥

Today went to meet ivy. yesterday met up with her for lunch. and today we met up for dinner.
hahas, same thing LONG JOHN. she's leaving tomorrow already.
kinda of sad. don't know why. below is the gifts she gave me before she fly back to NZ.
A DIOR cleansing water and ESTEE LAUDER lip gloss.
MISS HER alot. Never buy anything for her cause my pocket got a big hole.
i'll get her something went she is back end of this year. (:

AHSS!!! took some photos with her also. But then i forget to ask her bluetooth to me. =(
anyway, i'm going to change my blogskin again as i wanted to have a new look .
i see this skin so ugly le. HAHAS!!
okok, i go do my blogskin liao.

Ivy, take care wor. Must miss me also. (:
LOL!! miss ur HUGS too!!! MUACKS!

Dote me ; Love me