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♥ Friday, July 13, 2007♥

omg, have you all realized that today was Friday 13th?
HAHAS! Yesterday went watching movie with HUBBY and his classmate.
We watched HARRY PORTER. It wasn't really nice as i felt sleepy during the show.
After that we went to have YOSHINOYA for our dinner and we shopped awhile.
Today is friday already. So fast.
Tomorrows cant go slimming due to some stupid reason. SIGH!
BUT i can sleep till LATE afternoon. HEHES.
Oh ya i going to buy two things when i got pay. (:
Show you.This is Flat Design Whitening UV from Ettusais. A pre make up base. (:

This is Zero Pore Mask also from Ettusais. HAHAS! Help to makes your pores less visible.
I'm gonna get them soon!!! And it will cost me a BOMB already! =(

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