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♥ Tuesday, July 31, 2007♥

hahas. Reached 100 posts in my blog. Any rewards from blogger.com?
LOL! yea, no reward but bad luck. Last night my shoppingsprees-taiwan.blogspot.com
was under review due to dont know what violation. -.-"
3 mins more to 6pm then i can go home. Hubby is now on his way to meet me for dinner.
I'm still thinking what to eat later. Hmm, BORING. Somemore later still need to go to TAKA
pass timesheet. SIANS. Anyone want to buy mp4 or not? i'm selling away a brand new de. 2GB for SGD109. (: anyone wants to buy email me at jacelyn_javier@hotmail.co.uk
I'll be there to reply. HAHAS! I guess i'm going off soon. So i got to stop here.
See ya guys.

darling. love you. HEHES

Dote me ; Love me