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♥ Tuesday, June 12, 2007♥

HAHA!!! Today is Tuesday already. Times really flies.
This Thursday is the last day for my CS lesson.
Finally i completed my task today.. Sort out everything!!! DAMN RELAX.
Cause that stupid comparison is HARD as there are many country.
Hmmm, anyway i have FINISHED!!!
OH ya, today i went work late. Alarm clock is sleeping too ( no sound).
hahas, so reached my working place at about 930am. hais..
HUBBY birthday coming, going to let him have a feast as now im working very hard to make his birthday with more suprise. IM A GOOD WIFE right? =P
Ivy meeting me in JULY also. Guess july i'll be totally broke.
I need to take care of pocket now. And i cant eat my lunch if that's the case. =(

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