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♥ Thursday, June 28, 2007♥

YEAH, i just recovered from my fever yesterday.
Went to work today, finished off my BIGGEST torture in the afternoon.
And i knew next month i'll still be doing the BIGGEST torture again.
Karen called me today asking me WEIRD QUESTIONS.
Not to say out, as it's will keep as a secret unless she wants me to let the whole world know. (:
HEHES, i started to slack at around 5pm after i completed my task. HAHAS!!!!!!
Well, times really fast. Just some clicking on the friendster and email and it's 6PM already.
HUBBY as usual waited for me at s11 which is just beside STARHUB CENTRE. I'm really hungry now, BUT i cant eat anyway. ): SAD! i'll be heading toward my goal to have my dream come true.

Dote me ; Love me