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♥ Sunday, June 24, 2007♥

HOHO! went slimming session yesterday at LONDON WEIGHT MANAGEMENT.
Did a 2 hours slimming session and i lost 300grams. Which is only just a bit, BUT i'm happy enough (: And i next sat i'm going again with my good friend yulin. My childhood friend that accompanied me for so many years 18years from the moment i learnt how to walk ^^. Just now talked to her on the phone, missed the times we were together playing childish stuffs and lots of things that make us LAUGH. I'm very happy, next sat she's going with me. HEHES. After my slimming session, i went to meet yuying. Well, we just shop around and she wanted to find a long sleeve shirt and finally she found it. Now i'm going through a very uncontrollable period. When i saw people eating, it was so tempting!!!!!!! Sigh~ Tomorrow going to work already. Think of it so tiring. OMG!

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This is the Free Slimming kit i got (:

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