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♥ Wednesday, June 20, 2007♥

LOL! hi all. I'm here to blog. Very tired today cause woke up early and wanted to go work.
But in the end, my HUBBY dragged me go Kbox. LOL. He made me waiting him for around 20mins and i was late for work already. When he reached he told me to go sing. -.- First time HUBBY asked me go sing instead of going work. =/ Last night, after work met up with my classmate to study, in the end was like a outing only. We drink at TCC and all the way laugh and talk. Nothing else. And NOT studying at all. HAHAS. I left at around 8pm to meet nicole for pool.
She was very funny. She told me she's going home as she dont want to wait for me cause i have to study with my friend. I called her around 7.50pm she told me she boarded the bus already and i asked her whether she wanna meet or not. She took a cab all the way from Far East to Paradize centre just for pool. Can see her like to play pool a lot. LOL! And we had CUP NOODLES for our DINNER! Will meet up with her soon as i was excited about pool again. (:

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