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♥ Monday, June 25, 2007♥

HELPS. Look the thick load of paper behind the file =/. I haven update since the temp girl left.
SCARY~~ And a lot of comparison to do. Today my accountant asked me to do one of the thickest comparison cause it is rushing for payment already. Stupid INDIA company. Makes things hard for me. SIGH, they can actually printed the whole bill combine today with same rate BUT they print out line by line. -.-" And there's 69pages where starhub bill only has 4pages. Today i had my lunch with nicole. ARGHH! i ate MAC today. Z.Z OMG!!! aiyoyo. So tired now. And today the stupid recruit express misplaced my timesheet. All because of the FUCKING SHERYL SIM. Attitude lor. Whoever go Recruit express at TAKA TOWER A don't let her be your consultant. You'll regret for life. ZZZ.. i'll make a feedback to them anyway.

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