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♥ Monday, June 18, 2007♥

Am i sick? Vomited today while i was working.
Had a very painful headache. ):
Now i'm feeling better.
Just had my dinner.
Going home soon.
Hubby came to fetch me today (:
NICE! Took cab home as we both are very tired.
Today is Monday, and it's just the starting of the new week.
BUT, every week pass very fast. Work Mon to Fri is just lik 3 days work.
Times flies FAST with your knowing. And weekend is coming nearer to us again.
Soon my exam is getting closer to me! =/
SCARY. Looking back the years, it's been so long that i going to participate in SCHOOL EXAM.
Well, frankly speaking now i have got what i want. A guy who loves me, STUDY, WORK and enough money to spend. But anyway, MONEY is forever not enough as there are many things for me to buy. Just a trip to TOWN can let me spend all my money. LOL!
Now i just want to find myself a TRUE FRIEND.
TRUE FRIEND are hard to find, as i believed there wont be a TRUE FRIEND in this world.
So if you got yourself a TRUE FRIEND, treasure it and don't think so much. I'm used to it that all along i don't have any TRUE FRIEND. Even if i have before, it's just a SHORT TERM TRUE FRIEND. HAHA! ok la, shall stop here if not HUBBY keep coming in when i blogging. =X
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