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♥ Wednesday, May 23, 2007♥

Hi guys, it's Wednesday today.
Every week just passed like that without your knowing.
Life is BORED for me.
Went to Ferlynn house today, pass her those appeals she bought from me.
Finally i have sent all my order expect one.
Cause i'm still thinking how to pack them and send through Singpost. Can anyone tell me?
I woke up early and went to ferlynn house..
See how lucky she is that i could able to wake up early and went all the way to her house.
Though it's the first time meeting her, but felt no weird feeling meeting her cause she's a friend of peiying too.
Now i'm at my Hubby house already. Very tired, trying to get some sleep, but unfortunately i cant. Same goes to hubby too.
Anyway, passer-by who is viewing my blog now, feel free to go to Alluring-closet.blogspot.com and support me~!!

Dote me ; Love me