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♥ Thursday, April 26, 2007♥

HIIEE~ i'm back from dinner.
went to orchard this afternoon, and after that headed to PUNGGOL to find my sister.
Time passed so fast, now already 8.10pm.
Kinda of bore! #$%#^#&
Anyway, yesterday i posted out a post in my blog which is just directly below,
is not scolding my hubby ya.
Is someone i really really don't like.
Well, perhaps you might know if you ever talked to her. =)
Just hope that things moves on and get well, alright?
I doesn't want to see anything that is bad falling on you.
Take care ah!! haha!! once again im not scolding my hubby and definitely i won't be scolding him too!

Dote me ; Love me