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♥ Wednesday, April 25, 2007♥

hmm, another day passed just like that.
well, till now i'm still jobless.
i have went for interview today at a foreign bank.
the pay was pretty good. BUT the working location is FAR.
anyway, found someone who just have the same comment toward a thing.
well, really glad about it and have let out my anger.
so stop being so stop being so imperious & contemptuous u knw the quality in you. =)
hopefully you got this message. HAHA!
i'm not meant but just to alert you about it,
so dont think that you are very good, you make me wanna puke!
anyway, i will cherish friends who are good to me.
BYEBYE` continue to be so contemptuous and you'll ended with nothing left with you by your side. HAHA =P

Dote me ; Love me