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♥ Tuesday, March 6, 2007♥

hahas.. having my dinner now. came back from town not long ago. LOLS!
went to chinatown also. bought my hand-made charm necklace materials. well, pretty like it. ONLY the pedant is too small for me. kind of sad. once it's done shall post the image and let you see. saw vanesses at chinatown too. =) hahas.. OH YA, i meet up yuying today. lol to accompany me. after that we went to PS. ate john long and went shopping. she bought a pieces of shirt. ermm, forget how it's look likes. hahas.. i went home early cos she meeting her friend. today met yuying's twin sister. OMG! they are so different. it's like .... hahas.. whenever i think of her sister i will laugh. just like when im in the bus headed to my BF house in the bus i smile to myself cos of her sister. LOLS! cannot TAHAN. really cant believe it!!!!!!!! O.O hees.. oops.. sorry nicole, din meet you up cos i'm lazy and my pocket is DRY! hate this kind of feeling when my pocket is DRY. i will meet you up when my pocket is abit better alright? hahas

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