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♥ Sunday, March 4, 2007♥

OMG! now i can only use MOZILLA FIREFOX to blog. cause when i use internet explorer i cant post anything. sians.. anyway, i finally solve my problem! today i didn't go for work cause i'm really really tired and my shoulder was aching..i have become old lady already. wahaha.. oh, today i met a very funny thing. i was going to take a cab to my boyfriend house and then when i walked to my house downstair a lady suddenly walked very fast in front of me. GUESS WAD SHE WANT TO DO? SHE WANTED TO Q IN FRONT OF ME TO GET A CAB. -.- THIS IS SO LAME. luckily, i got the cab first. i was waiting in the rain, after that i headed over where she standing at the bus stop.
i'm standing behind her when i was at the bus stop then she wanted to wave for the taxi. i was very angry i walked up in front of her and finally i got the CAB! hate people with this kind of attutide.. so LAME! i have a long off days! gonna rest my myself.. =)

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