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♥ Wednesday, February 28, 2007♥

oh my god! why suddenly my wording in blogspot so BIG?!
wad's happening? did someone come in my blog?!?!!!
anyway, today was a tiring day! my leg so pain!!
yesterday and today my leg very pain!!! and i only sold 7 bottles of hair dyes! OMG!!!! how i'm going to face my manager!! haha..
my friend sold 28 bottles today!! WOW!!!!
today was a day which i seem to go back my social life with my friends!
haha, met JOEY, KAREN and lastly YUYING!!
so long never walk on the street of ORCHARD with them already.
seem like i very long never contact them. MISS the time we had last time.
our happily days in the night of ORCHARD. smoke outside CINI etc...
haha.. wad a day to spice up my BORING day.. also they told me they miss the days we used to be together.
after so long, we guys are BACK!!!

Dote me ; Love me